The Start of a Dream

The Climb Toledo gym started as just a distant dream for Alexander Horton. Ever since he was introduced to climbing, it quickly became a tool to help him navigate recovery from addiction and better himself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Since that time, Alexander has dreamt of sharing his love for climbing not just as a fun activity, but also as a potentially life changing dedication. In early-2019, Alexander partnered with his then-roommate, Josiah Dudzik, to start the project that would let them share climbing with their community.

Climb Toledo found it’s first home just below Alexander and Josiah’s apartment. It would breathe new life into a storefront that was once an old-time classic barbershop. This unique space was generously provided by True North Ministries and Jason Horton.

Alexander, an experienced craftsman, and Josiah, a professional technology consultant & developer, were ready to bootstrap Climb Toledo and finally begin the long process of bringing climbing to our city!
However, Climb Toledo wouldn’t exist without the integral help of family and friends who gave of themselves in ways we could never truly repay.
Jason Horton – Alexander’s brother, who graciously provided a place for Climb Toledo to begin it’s life. He also gave immensely of his time, finances, and expertise. Without him, there would be no gym. If you ever run into him, be sure to give him a big high-five and a “thank you” for us!
Frank Pryojski – A friend in our local community who brought his 40+ years of professional construction experience and knowledge to the table. He provided invaluable information and help whenever we needed it.
Jacob’s Supply – Climb Toledo’s first sponsor. They’ve also allowed us to purchase materials and construction supplies at-cost from their business.

And of course, thank you to everyone who donated their time and finances to help make Climb Toledo a reality!