Gym Rules

Gym Rules
It’s important to understand that climbing is an inherently dangerous sport, and we do our best to make sure the environment is safe and everyone has fun. With that in mind, we ask that all climbers adhere to the following rules:


Climbing shoes must be worn while climbing the wall. No bare-foot climbing.

Only climbing shoes are permitted on the padded floors (blue floor). No street shoes.

Climbers must not walk or step beneath another climber who is already on the wall. Clearance of at least 6ft is recommended. Only spotters are permitted to be closer to climbers on the wall.

Before getting on the wall, climbers must verify that the desired route will not collide with another climber already on the wall. Climbers already on the wall have priority.

The window and doorway along the “window wall” below the two inclined sections, are always “off”. This means you cannot place feet, grab, or otherwise use either the doorway or the window to aid in climbing. You must also avoid swinging arms, legs, or anything else through the doorway or window.

Only chalk intended to be used on your hands that’s designed for climbing, gyms, and sports is permitted in the climbing gym. No colored chalk and no side-walk chalk. If you are unsure about your chalk, please ask a Climb Toledo staff member.

Climbers must immediately alert Climb Toledo staff of any spinning or moving holds, wall damage, or any other kind of dangerous activity.

A spotter is only permitted if both the spotter and climber have agreed to the spot.

Spotters must remain focused on the climber and in constant and clear communication with the climber for the duration of the spot.

Climbers are not permitted to climb without a shirt.

All climbers will comply with the judgments of the Climb Toledo staff on duty.

All climbers must be at least ten (10) years old.

Climbers under the age of eighteen (18) must have the waiver and release form signed by a parent or legal guardian. The climber must either read the rules or have the rules read to them by a parent/guardian.

Any climbers under the age of (18) must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

An adult may only accompany a maximum of 3 minors.

All climbers must complete a liability waiver form at least once per calendar year.

Any infractions of the above rules may result in loss of privileges. Repeated infractions may result in loss of membership/access to the gym.