First Time Visitor

Welcome to Climb Toledo! We’re excited to have you visit our gym. To make sure you’re ready to have a safe and enjoyable time at Climb Toledo, there’s a few checklist items you’ll need to do first. Don’t worry, it’s all pretty simple!

Climb Toledo uses a simple reservation system for anyone wanting to climb. Sessions are 2-hours each, and we have limited spots available per session.
We’ll have you do this step at the end.

You can view our Prices & Hours here.

Liability Waiver
Before you can climb, you’ll be required to fill out a liability waiver. You can save time and fill it out online. Everyone will need to fill out a waiver once per calendar year.

All climbers must be at least 10 years old, and any climbers younger than 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. A parent/guardian must fill out the waiver for both themselves and the climber(s).

Gym Rules
Make sure to read through our gym rules here. All climbers must follow them. These rules help keep everyone safe while in the gym.

You’re Ready!
That’s it! If you’ve completed all of the tasks above, you’re ready to plan your visit! Just head to our reservation page to sign up for your session.

Our address is: 3204 Maple St, Toledo Ohio, 43608.
However, the building can be a little hard to find, so we have specific instructions on our Location & Contact page.

Have any questions? Please reach out! We’re available to chat on Instagram and Facebook, or you can reach us by email at: